Wallace Chung already married with kid?


Rumours are rife that Wallace Chung is married and already has a child.

The 38-year-old Hong Kong actor and singer has always been keeping a low profile on his romance. However, rumour has it that Wallace has married his Taiwanese girlfriend, who used to be his fan and the couple allegedly has a child. His wife reportedly is managing a bread shop in Taipei.

While promoting Drug War <毒戰> with Director Johnny To, Wallace was grilled by the reporters about the rumours.

When asked if he had plans for a marriage and baby, Wallace appeared to be jittery and said, “Yes, there are plans and life will then be more fulfilling. However, we should talk more about the movie, Drug War.”

When a reporter probed if he was married with a child, Wallace was embarrassed and dodged the question. “Why are we talking about this? We should discuss about Drug War.”

Johnny To was then asked if he would mind if Wallace was really married with a child since he was recently signed with his management company. Director To humorously replied, “It doesn’t matter what he has as long as he does not have cancer.”

Trying to help Wallace to shake off the grilling, Director To said, “Everyone should have their lives as long as they are not doing bad things.”

Refusing to let Wallace off so easily, the reporters continued to bombard Wallace with more questions. Asked if he would declare his marriage if he was to get married one day, Wallace exclaimed, “Today, we are talking about Drug War. My personal matter is not important.”

Wallace also did not deny or respond if his alleged wife had a bread shop.

Source: Apple Daily 

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