Wallace Huo on tying the knot with Ruby Lin: “Marvelous”


After their Bali wedding, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin held their wedding banquet at Palais de Chine Hotel in Taipei yesterday.

Many big stars including Jolin Tsai, Tiffany Hsu, Leo Ku, Peter Ho, Patty Hou, Meifen Chen and Pauline Lan attended the wedding banquet.

At about 7.50 pm, Ruby wore a Elie Saab floral embroidery gown and marched in with Wallace. The couple held hands on stage and smiled brightly.

Wallace said, “It’s marvelous. We have known each other for a long time. From friends who can talk anything under the sun to lovers. We are now married. Marvelous!”

The couple also shared a passionate kiss for 10 seconds, which sent the guests cheering with joy.

After kissing, Ruby attentively wiped off the lipstick mark from Wallace’s lips.

Wallace also said to Ruby, “I will love Ruby, and we will walk down the road together.”








Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily, On.cc

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2 thoughts on “Wallace Huo on tying the knot with Ruby Lin: “Marvelous”

  1. I like the red traditional Chinese female blouse that is really lovely and special (with the Asian Chinese collar) that Ruby Lin is wearing. I would be even more happy if she had a matching Chinese silk dress, the kind with the graceful material that is slender like a robe.

    I do not like some of the modern dresses, western that have the one colour puffy skirts or fat skirts, arrogant puffy dress is awkward and gets in the way.

  2. The red Chinese dress and the pink Chinese Asian dress are beautiful that Ruby is wearing for her weddomg/ Ruby Lin looks really great, especially nice and she is wearing the red Chinese dress. The Elie Saab white floral dress is great but the white floral dress is not called an embroidery dress. The white dress has clothlike circles shaped a bit like white flowers but nowhere near as complex and amazing as Chinese embroidery on silk gowns. Chinese embroidery, manually done by Chinese Asian people (the ones with good cultural values) is often 90 times more beautiful and exquisite compared to the white circles on the Elie Saab dress made by a machine.

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