Wang Baoqiang divorces wife for “improper extramarital sexual relations” with his agent


Chinese film star, Wang Baoqiang announced on Weibo recently that he was getting a divorce with his wife, Ma Rong and would be firing his agent, Song Zhe because of their extramarital affair.

In his Weibo, Wang Baoqiang used words, “improper extramarital sexual relations” to describe his wife’s relationship with his agent. He also said his wife had “severely hurt their marriage and destroyed the family.”

Suspected photos of Ma Rong and Song Zhe being caught red-handed on a bed have also been circulating on the web.


Rumours were circling that it was Song Zhe’s wife, Yang Hui who leaked the affair to Wang Baoqiang. Yang Hui has also wrote, “Retribution has come” on her Weibo after the affair of her husband and Ma Rong was exposed.

On August 16, Wang Baoqiang’s wife, Ma Rong in return, sued him for defamation. She voiced out that his post on Weibo on August 14 had damaged her reputation and insisted that he removed his post immediately. She also demanded an apology from him.

Other reports claimed that Ma Rong had secretly transferred Wang Baoqiang’s assets and his company assets away. As such, the actor who was paid millions annually reportedly was not able to pay for his legal fee, and even had to borrow money from his friend.

Source:, Ettoday

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