Wu Chun shares photos of his cute daughter


The Brunei born Taiwanese idol, Wu Chun made shocking confession last year when he disclosed that he was already married and had a child. He suffered a backlash initially and his career was even at stake, with many fans feeling upset for keeping his marriage a secret.

As days go by, many fans have accepted Wu Chun’s marriage and even sent their blessings to him. Wu Chun welcomed his second son last year, but fans are more curious about his interaction with his daughter, Nei Nei.

Recently, Wu Chun shared his daughter’s cute photos on his official website. He has also confirmed that he and Nei Nei will be joining the Chinese reality programme, Dad is back <爸爸回来了>, which features the real life interaction of celebrity dads with their children at home.

Wu Chun reportedly pockets RMB 12 million for joining the reality programme.

Talking about his daughter, Wu Chun said, “I dote on her more than my wife. As I always can’t spend a lot of time with her, I never lose my temper on her. Even when she does something wrong, I can’t bear to scold her when I look in her eyes.”

However, Wu Chun said that he is still a traditional father.

“I feel that Nei Nei should get a traditional education as I want to do my best to protect her.”



Source: Yes Entertainment 

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11 thoughts on “Wu Chun shares photos of his cute daughter

  1. ahmm..i really don’t know how to comfort my idol (wu chun) .all i can say is be strong for ur family!^_^ .i know u can do it!^_^..

    ..my crush told me that always smile even u have a lot of problem.^_^

    ..sorry po .i’m not good in english but i tried just for my idol wu chun..

    #think positive
    #always smile
    #be strong
    #i’m always be ur fan!

  2. I’m really a fan of yours Wu Chun. I sneaked at house to see your movie airing in abs-cbn cause our television that days was need to be repared. When my bestfriend said that your already married, i’m really sad/disappointed, hated you at that time. But in the end, I always sneaked in house and go to my bestfriend residence to watch your movie ”Hana Kimi”. And until know, i’m really addicted to you, in every movie you’ve been part with. When I know that you’ve been a part of a it, I always waiting for it to be aired or do something to watch it. All the works, homeworks will be set aside just to watch your movie.

    #you’re really a good dad! You always cherish the moment that you have with her. You find ways to have bonding time with Nei nei. Godbless your family and Stay who you are because that’s the reason why I love You. I will always one of your fans.

  3. you have a very cute daughter..i know you’re a great father so don’t mind what others say…be who you are and love your family….

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