Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao’s dating photos surfaced?

Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> star, Wu Jinyan was recently rumoured to be dating her co-star, Hong Yao who acted as Prince He in the drama.

A netizen claimed that she witnessed Jinyan and Hong Yao on a beach in Bali. After Jinyan has dismissed the rumours on her Weibo, the netizen subsequently posted some “dating” photos of them in Bali.

Sharp eyed netizens also shared that both Jinyan and Hong Yao’s social media music accounts had displayed locations in Indonesia around the time the duo was said to be seen in Bali.

The pair was also said to be wearing similar accessories and owned the same green hooded jacket.

After the photos surfaced, producer Yu Zheng dismissed the rumours on his Weibo, “Hahaha this is funny. This is so far fetched. Anyway, time will prove everything. Kids, just work hard. Only your excellent acting and character will speak for you in the future. Gossips are just price for fame.”

Source: Apple Daily

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