Wu Jinyan rumoured with “Story of Yanxi Palace” co-star

Chinese actress, Wu Jinyan shot to fame after starring in the popular period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略 >. With her overnight stardom, her love life has also become an interest to her fans.

Recently, a netizen spread the news on the Internet that she saw Jinyan holidaying with a man on a beach in Bali.

According to the netizen, the man was Hong Yao, her co-star in Story of Yanxi Palace, who acted as Prince He in the drama.

Besides Story of Yanxi Palace, the duo acted as first loves in The Legend of Hao Lan <皓鑭傳>. In the drama, Hong Yao who portrayed as Prince Jiao ends up marrying Li Hao Lan’s (Jinyan’s character) sister to achieve his
high political aspirations.

After their rumours surfaced, Jinyan posted a cute picture on her Weibo to shoot down the rumours.

The picture read, “I am not, I did not, Don’t talk nonsense!”

Source: Ettoday

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