Xiao Zhen denies reconciliation with Li Jinliang

Xiao Zhen

Last year, Xiao Zhen announced separation with her plastic surgeon husband, Li Jinliang after the latter was caught cheating on her sixteen times.  However, the couple reportedly has decided not to proceed with the divorce and allegedly has plans to mend their relationship.

According to Jinliang’s lawyer, the delay in the divorce was not due to any disputes in alimony or the daughter’s custody. The couple could still have feelings for each other. Recently, Jinliang also posted a message on Weibo, “Whatever happens, I will not give up.” His message sparks speculations that he may still harbour hope of a reconciliation with Xiao Zhen.

Dismissing the reconciliation rumours, Xiao Zhen wrote on her Weibo, “Why did the tabloids fabricate the reports? It’s silly, selfish and despicable!”

When asked if she and her husband were trying to mend their relationship, Xiao Zhen said, “I do not know who started the rumour. It does not represent my opinion. It’s better that you ask the person who does not wish to divorce (Li Jinliang).”

Source: Sina 

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