Yoga Lin proposes to Kiki Ting on Facebook!


Yesterday, Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin proposed to his girlfriend, Kiki Ting on Facebook!

He started his proposal by saying, “Today is the day. I have rehearsed several ways of proposing to you in my heart. There are some which are fun, crazy, and there are some which are simple like how we spend our days together. No matter which format it is, I always lack the courage at the end.”

He also said, “I choose to do it here not because I want to be high-profile. I am grateful to my fans for supporting me all along. What I am today is because of them, and they have seen me transformed. It is my greatest blessing to have their participation in an important step of my life.”

“I have been nervous for many hours. You will see this after I post this message 1 to 2 minutes later. I am not sure if everything will go smoothly, but I am ready. I have prepared to kneel down and prepared my speech. And also the ring that has hidden in my pocket.”

An hour later after his post, Yoga updated his fans that he had proposed successfully. Posting a photo of him hugging Kiki, he said, “She said yes.”


Yoga has also revealed to the media that they would tie the knot next year. Yoga said that it was Kiki’s culinary skills that motivated him to get married, as he envisions good food on the table when he gets home.

He also said that he hoped to have 2 kids in future, and he “can’t wait till he is 35”. He also does not want his girlfriend to be an older mother.

Yoga said that the wedding proposal was witnessed by their close friends and stressed that Kiki was not pregnant.

Source: Ettoday

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