Yoyo Chen performs belly dancing; Vincent Wong: “Many people congratulated me!”


On last Saturday’s TVB Anniversary Gala, Yoyo Chen performed a sexy belly dance. Many are curious if Vincent Wong would approve his wife wearing such a sexy outfit to perform on stage.

Vincent said, “It’s commendable. Many people congratulated me and I felt strange at first. What were they congratulating me? After her performance, many people like Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma turned around to congratulate me. I eventually understood why. They could be thinking that I have good taste. My wife maintains her figure well and I have a healthy family.”

There were also reports that said that Tracy Chu laughed secretly after hearing Grace Chan made a blunder while hosting the gala show.

Tracy immediately clarified, “I didn’t even know that Grace said something wrong. I only knew after Do Jie (Carol Cheng) corrected it. I was not laughing secretly. I like to laugh all the time.”


Source: On.cc

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