2012 TVB Anniversary Awards: Media Conference for Nominees Announcement

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This afternoon, TVB held a media conference to announce the nominees for the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Tavia steals the limelight from Kate

Dressed up sexily for the media conference, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) stole the limelight from Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Tavia expressed that all the nominees had chances to win, but she still believed that she had chances to clinch the Best Leading Actress award too.

Kate felt that her chances are fifty-fifty and would not give herself too much pressure.

Moses defends girlfriend

As Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) is nominated for the Best Leading Actress award, many netizens have blasted the actress since she is only a supporting actress in The Last Steep Ascent .

Moses said that it was beyond the control of Aimee as this was arranged by the company. Asked if he felt sorry for his girlfriend, Moses said that it did not matter, as it was impossible to gain everyone liking in the showbiz.

As for himself, Moses said that he would deal calmly with his Best Leading Actor nomination.

Wayne jokes that he is a idol too!

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) said that he had 50% confidence about clinching the Best Leading Actor award again. As Raymond Lam (林峰) has a big pool of fans, he is said to have very high chances of winning. Responding to it, Wayne said, “Yes! But Kenneth Ma (馬國明) may have many professionals voting for him”.

Wayne even joked that besides being a competent actor, he was also an idol too!.

Ben Wong will continue to work harder

Although Ben Wong (黃智賢) is shockingly excluded from the Best Supporting Actor nomination, he will still attend the awards ceremony. Said Ben, “Will have to ask the company about the nominations, I am not too sure. I only want to act my role well”.

Asked if he had intention to leave the company, Ben said that he still had contract with TVB. He will constantly remind himself to work even harder.

Virginia Lok suggests adding more nominees next year

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (乐易玲) revealed that every committee member could vote 10 artists for each award category, and she gave her vote to Ben. Ms Lok also expressed that she would suggest to add more nominees to each award category next year.

Asked if she was worried that the artists who were not nominated would leave the company, Ms Lok said that it was beyond her control. As the head of the artists management, she would try to comfort Ben.

Source: ihktv

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