2015 TVB Anniversary Awards: Tony Hung and Jacqueline Wong nominated in 4 categories!

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TVB has announced the nominations list for the upcoming 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards on December 13. Among the artistes, Tony Hung and Jacqueline Wong have the highest number of nominations!

Up and coming stars, Tony and Jacqueline have 4 nominations. Tony is nominated in the Best Leading Actor award, Most Popular TV Male Character, Most Improved Actor and Best Programme Host. As for Jacqueline, she is nominated in Most Popular TV Female Character, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Actress and Best Programme Host.

The other stars who have 3 nominations are Grace Chan, Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu and Ruco Chan. Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu and Tavia Yeung have 2 nominations each.

Tony said that he hoped to win the Most Improved Actor award, and would thank his girlfriend, Natalie Tong if he won the award that night. He said that his chance to win the TV King award was 0.1% and he would rather vote for his buddy, Ruco Chan, who was his co-star in Captain of Destiny <張保仔>.

Tony also took chance to dispel his discord rumours with Ruco. “I will of course support my good brother, Ruco Chan. He acted really well, so I will sure support him.”


Jacqueline also said that she hoped to win the Most Improved Actress Award. She said, “I received a text message to inform I was nominated in 1 category. This is so surprising. Now, my mind is in a blank. I have to start thinking what to wear.”

Meanwhile, Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui who have left TVB are also being nominated in the Best Leading Actress Award. However, it came as a surprise that Ron Ng was not nominated in any categories although he had two series, Lady Sour <醋娘子> and Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>. His co-star in Lord of Shanghai, Kenneth Ma who acted as Anthony Wong’s younger character, on the other hand, was nominated in the Best Leading Actor award.

Asked if the “cold treatment” from TVB was because of his departure, Ron said, “It doesn’t matter. I hope Lady Sour and Lord of Shanghai will win the Best Series.”


Source: On.cc, Apple Daily

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