49-year-old Christy Chung wants a 4th baby, spotted at Guan Yin Temple

49-year-old Christy Chung has been married to Chinese actor Shawn Zhang for 3 years. She has three daughters from her previous marriages.

Christy has been very open about her desire to have a baby with Shawn, as he is the only child and she feels that she needs to give his parents their first grandchild.

Recently, Christy and her mother-in-law were featured in the variety show, ‘My Dearest Ladies’ (婆婆與媽媽). Her mother-in-law expressed her desire to have a grandchild. When Christy asked her, “What if I really cannot have a child. How will you feel?”

Her mother-in-law replied her candidly, “I will feel very regretful.”

She was said to have undergone IVF treatments, but she has now stop due to her body condition.

Recently, netizens posted a picture of Christy and Shawn at a Guan Yin temple. The temple is popular with couples who are seeking blessings to conceive.

Shortly after the photo is circulated online, Shawn also posted a photo of himself with Christy at the temple. He did not respond to the speculations. Many netizens also encourage the couple and urged them not to get too stressful.

Source: Ettoday

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