54-year-old Alex To announces he’s going to be a dad

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54-year-old Alex To has announced that he is going to be a dad soon!

Alex announced his wife’s pregnancy on his social media and said, “Life is indeed full of magic and surprises. I always thought that I would only love my wife in my life, but now I have to love two people at the same time!”

Alex married his wife Ice Lee, 24 years his junior three years ago. The couple has been trying for a baby, but there is always no luck. Recently, they learnt from a doctor to calculate Ice’s ovulation, and after trying for a month, they “hit the jackpot”.

Alex revealed that when he heard about his wife’s pregnancy, he was so excited and found it hard to believe. He also said that at his age, it is the best time to have a baby.

“I think that our mentality, fitness and body mature later, so, this is the perfect time to have a kid. I am healthy in all aspects, and I am full of energy. My mentality is also more mature at this time, so I can set a good example.”

Alex hopes to have three children with Ice in four years, but Ice’s target is to have 6 children.

Ice is currently five-month pregnant with a boy, and will be giving birth this October.

Source: HK Channel, Apple Daily

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