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Investing NT$15 million into her new business, A-Mei officially opened her third night club on 12 December 2012.

The new club is considered the ‘baby’ of her and her bartender beau, Sam. During the renovation of the club, Sam was seen like a boss, managing the renovation and giving instructions to the workers.

On the first day of business, Sam arrived early to oversee the official opening. Wearing a black leather jacket, Sam was spotted instructing the staff where to place the flowers. Appearing to be a boss, Sam was also seen arranging the decor of the entrance personally.

Shortly after, A-Mei arrived and coincidentally also dressed in black. In high spirits, A-Mei smiled and said to the reporters, “Congratulations! Congratulations!” She then quickly went into her new club.

A-Mei’s latest club ‘A Light’ is situated in the bustling street of Keelung Road, Taipei. The interior of ‘A Light’ is set to be in a lavish and glamorous concept. The club is decorated with crystal chandeliers imported from England and sofa imported from Europe. She also specifically spent an hour to decorate a 3-metre high Christmas tree. 

The club has a a range of exquisite wine collection worth almost NT$20 million! Patrons of the club revealed that A-Mei’s beau, Sam had mixed a series of drinks in a Japanese style. 

The night club has tight security and only serves members. There is also a secret entrance for A-Mei to host her VIP celebrities friends and relatives.

Source: appledaily.com.tw

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