A-Mei is getting married soon?

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Rumours are circling that Taiwanese singer A-Mei will be tying the knot with her boyfriend of three years, Sam!

A-Mei will be holding a series of 10 concerts at the The Taipei Arena from 4 April next year. As she revealed that it would be her last concert tour, fans have been speculating if she has plan to get married. There are also rumours that say that A-Mei will be announcing her wedding news at the concert.

As A-Mei has plan to have kids, she may put a halt to her singing career and devoted her time grooming the newcomers after her marriage.

Relationship of A-Mei and her bartender boyfriend has been closely watched by the public. Since dating the Taiwanese singer, Sam has seen a transformation in his life. He reportedly is now living in a NT$300 million luxurious property, and driving a NT$5 million Porsche car, all said to be provided by A-Mei.

Relationship has also been getting steady for the couple. Last month, Sam changed his relationship status on Facebook to “In a stable relationship”, and posted a photo of himself at A-Mei’s concert on the Facebook.

A-Mei’s manager has since dismissed the wedding rumours, and said, “Where did you hear it from? A-Mei will never mix business with personal matters. She was only saying that she would not be holding big concerts at the Taipei Arena, but did not say that she would not be performing anymore.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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