A-Mei mocked again for rounder figure

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1368782790_79946300Since last year, A-Mei’s dramatic weight gain has been a hot talking point.

Standing at 158 cm tall, A-Mei used to weigh at 48 kg. However, her day and night have reversed since managing her night clubs in the wee hours. Her metabolism has also slowed down at the age of 40 and all these attributed to her weight gain.

The public was first shocked at her swollen figure after she had appeared at The Voice of China finals.

While attending a press conference for a shoes label on 15 May 2013, she was spotted in a rounder figure despite deliberately covering herself with a large coat.

Netizens have since discussed her rounder figure and even mocked her with a line that has circulated on the web, “No slimming in May, A-Mei in June.”

There are, however, many fans who supported the Taiwanese singer and felt that it was her voice that mattered most.

Responding to the online mockery, A-Mei’s manager said, “Thank you everyone for your concern.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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