A-Mei on weight gain mockery: “What have I done wrong?”

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Since appearing at the final of The Voice of China, there have been a string of criticisms and mockery on A-Mei’s rounder figure. The endless negative remarks have caused distress to the 40-year-old aboriginal Taiwanese singer and prompted her to ask herself what she had done wrong.

Two nights ago, A-Mei returned to her hometown, Taitung Tiehua village for a concert. The 200-seater hall was packed with 1,000 audience who wanted to catch a glimpse of the superstar. Sitting among the spectators were 50 relatives including A-Mei’s mother, brother and sister.

As compared to her usual million dollar production, the concert ticket costs only NT$500 and profits NT$500,000 in all only.

Responding to her generous act, A-Mei laughed and said, “I am not that good and I am not contributing back to my hometown. It’s just that I have been staying outside for so long, I just want to recharge at Taitung. This place can generate new courage and positive energy!”

A-Mei’s weight gain has been a talking point among media and netizens. Due to the negative reports, she has been feeling dejected. She even asked her production crew what she had done wrong and why her figure was being criticized harshly.

At the stage, an emotional A-Mei expressed, “At home, I will not disappoint everyone with my performance. As for the rest, I will cope with it well.”

A-Mei has also said that she would not give up on singing no matter what happened and will not be respond to any reports that are not related to work.

Source: Apple Daily 

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