A-Mei’s bartender beau manages her new night club

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Taiwanese Pop singer, A-Mei (張惠妹) reportedly invested TW $15 million in her third night club in Taiwan and planned to let her rumoured bartender boyfriend, Sam manage her new business.

Last year, 39-year old A-Mei met the 33-year-old bartender Sam at a night club. The pair’s relationship progressed rapidly and were rumoured to be dating currently. A-Mei was also photographed to be rooting for Sam at a basketball game. After that, tabloids reported that A-Mei took the time off to go on a vacation with Sam.

As her new club targets at the upper class customers, A-Mei reportedly puts her rumoured beau, Sam in charge of handling her business. After returning from Changsha, A-Mei immediately headed to her new shop to check on the renovation progress. Shortly after, Sam arrived and acted like the boss of the night club, passing instructions to the people in the shop.

A-Mei and Sam were also spotted discussing the renovation details of the new business. The couple also returned the next day to check on their new business.
A-Mei’s new club is expected to open for business at the end of the year. Her manager revealed that she would rack her brain on the interior design of her club. Her manager also praised A-Mei for having a flair in interior design and had good taste for her choice.

Source: appledaily

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