A rare picture, but fans devastated by Jerry’s look

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Vanness Wu posted a few pictures of his wedding banquet at the St Regis Hotel in Singapore on 4 January 2014.

On his Weibo, Vanness posted a dreamy romantic photo with his bride, Arissa Cheo on the stage and wrote sentimentally, “We stepped into a movie and wrote the love story of a lifetime with the pens of our hearts filled with ink from our souls.”

He also uploaded a group photo with his celebrities friends like Leehom Wang, Jerry Yan, Jaycee Chan, Philip Ng, etc. His “F2 photo” has drew the most comments and likes from fans.

However, there are many fans who are so shocked and devastated by Jerry’s scruffy and unshaven look. Some fans exclaimed, “Return Dao Ming Si to me!”

Fans have remarked that Jerry was looking worn and tired and his complexion has darkened, which is a far cry from his suave and charming image in Meteor Garden <流星花園>.

One netizen wrote, “My Jerry, my prince charming. What has happened to you?”

Another said, “What has provoked Dao Ming Si? Why has he become an uncle? His prince charming image is ruined!”

Another fan wrote cheekily, “Maybe because he doesn’t have the nutrition of love!”

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Source: Ettoday, Sina, Weibo

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  1. zed24 Reply

    Jerry Yan …ready for LUPIN III, cant wait!! 🙂 I do <3 You Jerry 😉

  2. Anne Reply

    Jerry should bring back the dao. Ming. So look.so handsome.and the hairstyle from network garden

    1. Anne Reply

      Meteor. Garden I meant

  3. darianalynpatungan Reply

    Sana jerry yan ibalik mo uli ung date mong hearstile ung dati mong look

  4. Abby Reply

    Jerry Yan will always be Jerry Yan.. forever! 🙂

  5. beverly morales Reply

    He looks okay to me.

  6. Leana Rose Cabra Reply

    Hi jerry im ur fans.I like u in Barbie I always watch meteor garden u in Barbie are match couple.u are handsome in look cUte especially ur demple.lyk u.

  7. marycherylsantiago Reply

    still guapo

  8. arrian Reply

    sana kayo nlng ni barbie jerry!

  9. arrian Reply

    jerry and barbie forever.hope they will have tv series again!

  10. cliang Reply

    i allways love jerry yan for ever.i miss the love couple barbie and jerry.i hope they will have love story again ..loving shanchai and daomingshi for ever

  11. Gingski Reply

    hah, i will still love Jerry Yan even if he goes bald.

  12. jeri_mon Reply

    Jerry is very professional in his career. He is on the line of movies and entertaining industries so we can expect some changes or transformation especially on his outlook. Sometimes he need to change for good according to his character as well. I heared that his look is for the movie of “pirate” blah blah something like that or in his coming movie “lupin the 3rd”. As an artist/actor he shown how flexible he is to depend his character. Jerry prove to everyone that he can do a lot in order to improve his capabilities most esp. in acting. And great! He did. I agree, his look was throwback the memories of daoming si.( Bad boy looking but true lovers). Interesting! He still adorable,sexy and spicy hot! Real man. Forever fan of yours.#monalyn#phil.

  13. joreylle Reply

    Whatever he looks and whatever he does ♡ I still like him 😉 and still proud of him.. I am your no.1 fan specially with your MG full episodes ;* hope to watch your movies again in our country 🙂

    God bless!

  14. mamae Reply

    having a beard and a scruffy look does not suit him at all, he is much better looking during his f4 and “down with love” days………

  15. precious26 Reply

    @Kir…you’re correct….he had to look that way for the movie and come on,..he’s a man he also need to look different sometimes. This is not a permanent look,and for me he still look hot and sexy. If u shave him you’ll see he still look Jerry Yan,handsome,hot and charming..♥♡♥

  16. SaicyUwSchatje Reply

    its ok. Jerry still handsome ^_^

  17. jbforever Reply

    he looks like AJ McLean of the backstreet boys.hahahaha. i much more love his looks during the MG days and F4 fever days..

  18. rhia Reply

    I like u Jerry Yan .. take care .. u still look good.. xoxo

  19. rhia Reply

    I am still a fan.. no matter what.. I will always be hhis loyal fan.. I love u Jerry =) <3

  20. #RedstringAttached Reply

    he needs a shave. that’s all. fangirls are overacting. #peace it still him #JERRYYAN nothing has changed. i’m still a fan. 🙂

    1. #RedstringAttached Reply

      it’s still him. 🙂

    2. #RedstringAttached Reply

      he’s still hot though. 😀

  21. Dhaynhielle Reply

    Omo! I was totally shocked by this picture.
    What has happened to his appealing and charismatic look back then?
    I wouldn’t recognize him by just simply looking at the picture.
    I only knew that it was him when I have read the news.

  22. Garah Reply

    Hi Jerry Yan,

    Im fan of yours since when I was in highscholl because of Meteor Garden.. What happened to you now?? You know what dont be so look tired and wasted because of the girl that is not deserve you… Be happy and strong.. Be Dao ming Si.. with common sense hehehe

  23. maryjane Reply

    Actually, for me wether how he looks like, he is always Dao Ming Si in my heart!Jerry Yan when are going back to the Phils? Many fans of yours are waiting, i am one of them…

  24. Gabriela Reply

    I love him. I love him. I love him. He is my Dao Ming Si. I don’t want any otherJerry Yan in my life.

  25. jackie Reply

    Frankly, I think he looks sexy,this look, makes him look his age. which is not a bad thing…and that smile, is Jerry all the way. handsome.

  26. Juvy Reply

    No matter what look u are (Jerry Yan) u will always be our one and only DAO MING SI here in the Philippines! Godbless Asi! 🙂

  27. kir Reply

    actually Jerry look like that haggard and too matured becuase it requires in his movie LUPIN III. And we would understand why others react that much simply becuase of thier concern and love for Jerry . I my self prefer him to maintain his clean look….for sure with that news the management of jerry will take note for the reactions of all who loves jerry…..God bless everyone.

  28. Lydia Reply

    These fangirls need to just stfu. He’s a human being, and an adult. He doesn’t have to look perfect every waking moment. Like, for real, how he looks really doesn’t affect you. I highy doubt that any of you whiny girls will ever meet him anyway. so please, just leave the poor guy alone, an let him do his thang.