Aaron Kwok declares love to Lynn Hung: “I love you!”

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Aarok Kwok’s recent scandal definitely has not affected his relationship with Lynn Hung.

Aaron was earlier rumoured to hook up with TVB starlet, Christine Kuo. Despite the negative reports, Lynn made a high-profile appearance with her mother at Aaron’s concert two nights ago to dispel their breakup rumours.

It was reported Lynn had paid from her own pockets for four tickets at her boyfriend’s concert. Despite knowing that all cameras were on her, Lynn behaved like a little fan, waved her glow sticks and continuously took photos of Aaron’s performance.

Aaron mingled with his fans and went off the stage to shake hands with fans. Before returning to the stage, Aaron suddenly turned his head back and waved towards the direction in which Lynn was seated.

In front of more than ten thousand fans, Aaron screamed in that direction, “You are my only one! I Love You!”

He then proceeded to sing his track, Endless love forever <永遠愛不完>.

Responding on Aaron’s love declaration to her, Lynn smiled sweetly but said, “No, it can’t be. He did wave to me and then he sang. That was all.”

Did you receive his “heart”?

Lynn replied, “Everyone received it. He sang to so many people that night.”

Regarding Aaron’s recent scandal with Christine, Lynn had absolute faith in him. “It’s so obvious that the report was made up. He is so busy and would rather sleep if he has time. I won’t ask him about such a ridiculous report when he is so busy.”

When asked if she wished to get married soon, Lynn replied, “It’s so difficult to answer this question. My family taught me that a woman should have some principle. Some question is better not to be asked by a woman. I am still waiting for the other half to ask.”

Source: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily 

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