Aaron Yan blasted for forgetting his lyrics

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At the new year’s countdown concert at Taichung two days ago, Aaron Yan forgot his lyrics on stage. It was not just one song, but he forgot his lyrics for all three songs.

Although Aaron got his first song right, he had trouble remembering the lines for his subsequent three songs. For some part of the songs, he filled them with his own words, but for other parts, he just mumbled through his way.

The audience have criticised Aaron for his unprofessionalism. One viewer said, “Can he just take his singing seriously? I don’t see why other singers did not forget their lyrics.”

Yesterday, Aaron made an apology on his Facebook, “Taichung friends, I am sorry for forgetting the lyrics!”

Aaron confessed that he did make a blunder during his performance and said depressingly, “This was the first time I sang alone at the new year’s countdown concert. I used to perform together with Fahrenheit in the past. Maybe the lyrics for Memorial Day <記念日> is very complicated, but I am still sorry. Hope everyone can forgive me.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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