Ada Choi: We are divorced!

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It shocked many fans today when Ada Choi suddenly announced her divorce.

In her Weibo, the Hong Kong actress wrote, “I didn’t expect that yesterday we were still filming Fight for her <為她而戰>, and I just found out that my husband did not love me at all! I want to tell everyone that we have decided to get a divorce! Goodbye, Max Zhang! We are sorry for the ones who love us. Sorry!”

Many reporters were shocked at the news and sought clarification from Ada’s manager. It turns out that Ada was just playing a prank on April Fool’s Day! Phew!

“I asked her about it. She said because today is April Fool’s Day, she is just playing a joke with everyone, but I feel the joke went a bit too far. I have asked her not to do it again. Hope to seek everyone’s forgiveness. She will not do it again,” said Ada’s manager.

Ada also clarified on her Weibo that it was just a April Fool’s Day’s prank.

“My manager called me and asked if we were going to get divorced. It’s April Fool’s Day. Max Zhang, I am wrong. Forgive me. I’m sorry to my loved one, and my manager. I’m sorry to the media friends, but I have got everyone on this. Anyway, happy April Fool’s Day. Haha.”

Source: HK Channel

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