After 6 years, Gallen Lo returns to TVB to film new drama

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Former TVB actor, Gallen Lo has resided in Beijing and has focused his acting career in China. His last TVB project was 2009 anniversary drama Born Rich <富貴門>.

After 6 years, Gallen will be returning to TVB for a 20-episode new drama, The Conspirators <與諜同謀>, in which the role was specially tailored for him.

Producer Wong Wai Sing said that he had been keeping in touch with Gallen but due to his busy film schedule in China, they did not have the time to discuss earlier.

Wong also said that Gallen was attracted by the interesting role, although he has yet to read the script.

The leading actress is not finalised yet, but Wong said, “I have a few people in mind, but it’s not confirmed. For Gallen, he prefers to work with someone whom he has not collaborated before. This will be more refreshing.”

The filming will commence sometime in March.


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