Aimee Chan and Moses Chan in disagreement over having second child?

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Hong Kong tabloids claimed that Aimee Chan and Moses Chan were locked in a cold war due to disagreement over having a second child.

Aimee gave birth to her first son, Aiden in last December, and has halted her acting career for almost a year. She initially expressed her interest to star in TVB new series, Cheung Po Tsai <張保仔>, but reportedly was not approved by Moses as he preferred Aimee to spend more time taking care of their 8-month-old baby.

Besides this, the couple is said to have disagreements whether to have a second child. An insider disclosed that Aimee initially wanted to have more children, but changed her mind after realising that the Hong Kong education system is so competitive. When Aiden was only four months old, Aimee has gone around, enrolling him in many branded playgroups and kindergartens, only to realise that many were already full.

Feeling that the education system is so stressful, Aimee changes her mind about having a second child. However, Moses has expressed his intention to have another child and constantly reveals to the media of his plan to increase his family size. The couple reportedly quarrelled over this issue.

In addition, Aimee is also said to be inseparable from her baby, even though Moses has employed two helpers for her. Besides breastfeeding her baby, Aimee constantly carries Aiden and even injured her hand as a result.

Besides feeling down because of her hand injury, Aimee is also gloomy that she is not able to retrieve her cats back as she is still breastfeeding and cannot take the medication to control her allergy. Aimee is also upset with the criticisms from netizens that she is abandoning her cats because of her baby.

Source: Apple Daily 

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