Aimee Chan and Moses Chan welcome new baby

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Congratulations to Aimee Chan and Moses Chan who have welcomed their first baby!

Today, Aimee announced the birth of her son via her Weibo, “Our lives have found new meaning the minute this little treasure was born.” Aimee also shared with her fans the closeup photos of her newborn’s tiny hand and a photo which she pointed her nose at her little boy.

Many friends of the couple have sent their congratulations to the couple.

Moses and Aimee’s close friend, Evergreen Mak responded on the Weibo, “Congratulations! Congratulations! Hope that the baby will grow up fast, be healthy and happy!”

Tavia Yeung wrote, “Congratulations Aimee, so proud of you.”

Ado Choi also sent in her blessings, “Wow! I am so happy for you! Congratulations! I feel like kissing the baby! Mummy, you had a hard time. Daddy, you are so blessed!”

Moses reportedly skipped an event which he was scheduled to attend yesterday. This led speculations that Moses had rushed to the hospital to accompany his wife through the delivery.

Moses will be attending a Christmas lightning event at the Admiralty tonight. Many will expect him to release more details about Aimee’s childbirth later.

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Source: Oriental Daily, Weibo 

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  1. Danica Le Reply

    Congratulatin both Chan’s have a first child and I like to both in movies drama