Aimee Chan expecting boy again

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While attending a fashion event, Aimee Chan announced that she is expecting a baby boy again.

Aimee gave birth to her first son, Aiden last December. Now that she is going to have 2 boys and her husband, Moses Chan in the house, she is not at all worried that they will vie for her attention.

“I am not afraid. As a lady, I am very happy. The two brothers will become best friends, as their age is very close. It’s only 1 year and 2 months difference, just like Moses and his brother who is only 1 year difference in age. They are very close,” said Aimee.

Although Aiden is still young and may not understand that he is going to become a big brother soon, Aimee said that he is very independent and believes he will get along well with his younger brother.

When asked if the couple had plans to have a baby girl, Aimee said, “We will take it slowly. I want to be a working mum and balance between work and family. I also want to see if I can cope with two children.”

Meanwhile, Moses was thrilled about having more children. At a movie premier, he said, “It’s very likely the next one should be a girl! It’s good to have as many children as possible. They are gifts from god. They are the happiest gifts in the world.”

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Source:, HK Channel 

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