Aimee Chan has not named her second son yet

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Aimee Chan gave birth to her second son, Nathan in February. 

Attending an event recently, Aimee looked stunning and has regained her shapely figure. As mother’s day is approaching, Aimee was asked if their family had any celebration next week.

Aimee said that she would leave her husband, Moses Chan to plan the programme, but hoped to receive a little gift from her two children.

“Hope that the little ones will make a small item. They are still very young, and of course need some help from their daddy. I will be very happy if they can stamp their handprints or just paint something. These are very special.”

When asked if they had helped to give a Chinese name to their second boy Nathan, Aimee said, “We are still taking our time to choose a name. We also spent some time naming our first boy. However, it’s confirmed that we will be using a Chan in the name. Haha!”



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