Aimee Chan involved in car accident

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Aimee Chan, who is currently five months pregnant, was involved in a chain accident yesterday.

Aimee, who just returned to Hong Kong two days ago was driving on the road, when a car suddenly cut her lane and hit onto her vehicle. Two other cars were also hit by the same car and resulted in a massive jam.

When the police arrived at the accident scene, Aimee expressed her discomfort and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for check-up.

After receiving the news, Moses Chan who was filming for his new movie immediately rushed to the hospital and cancelled his attendance for an event later that day.

Fortunately, Aimee and her unborn baby were fine and she was discharged on the same day.

Today, Aimee responded through her manager that she was all well and that her baby is very active inside her stomach. She thanked everyone for their concern and expressed her gratitude to the medical staff at the hospital.


Source: Oriental Daily 

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