Alan Tam admits being a busybody

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At Show Luo’s concert in Hong Kong, Alan Tam openly expressed on stage that he could be a peacemaker between Anthony Wong and Show. He also suggested that he would arrange for a reconciliation meal for Anthony and Show.

However, Alan’s intention was blasted by Anthony who said that Alan “was being nosy” and he “could not be bothered with it”. Anthony also said that he was not that close to Alan too.

Yesterday, Alan attended an event and he was teased by his friends, Eric Tsang and Hacken Lee. Responding to Anthony’s remarks, Alan said humorously, “I have always been a busybody”. Hacken replied, “This sentence is absolutely right!”

Regarding Anthony’s statement that he was not familiar with Alan, the veteran singer-actor said, “The entertainment circle is a big family. There will be chances to meet. Maybe we have not met for a while and have become distant. It doesn’t matter. My door will always open for him!”

Alan said that he would try to contact Anthony through his assistant as he did not have his number. Alan said, “Actually, it’s important that everyone is happy. We are all 25 years old and everyone has to be happy!”

Asked if he would invite Anthony to watch his lunar new year movie, Alan replied, “He is a movie king! I need to learn from him instead!”

Regarding Anthony’s remarks that Alan was being nosy, Eric Tsang said, “Alan did try to help at that occasion. Anthony thought he was siding the other party. A peacemaker has to be neutral”.

Asked if he knew who Show was, Eric said, “Okay, but we are not familiar. It is not to that extent that I do not know who he is. It’s only a small matter, let’s not dwell on it”.

When asked on his respond on Alan’s comments, Anthony jumped up: “Huh! Not again! I am not going to talk about it anymore. Stop! Stop! I do not wish that there is no ending to this matter”.


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