Alex Fong and Stephy Tang’s first photo together after breakup

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Alex Fong and Stephy Tang announced breakup in March this year, ending their 10 years’ relationship. When addressing their breakup at that time, the ex-couple both ended up breaking down in tears.

Recently, Alex and Stephy attended the same event together. Stephy appeared to be quite awkward initially and avoided any eye contact with Alex. On the other hand, Alex would take a glance at Stephy whenever she spoke.

During the event, the ex-couple exchanged words, and finally agreed to take a photo together. When asked if they would be friends again, both replied, “Let nature takes its course.”

Before the event, Stephy was asked if she would be nervous meeting Alex again. She said, “I am not very nervous. (Will you feel awkward?) I don’t think so.”

Stephy said that she did not deliberately keep any contact with Alex, and she would say hi to him when she meet him. She would not keep tabs on his gossip news too.

Alex, on the other hand, also said, “It’s not about being embarrassed or not. We are more like good friends who have not met for a long time. It felt like in the past when we were up on stage. Afterall, we worked together for more than 10 years. (Did it bring back any memories?) I am getting used to it. Memories will never be erased. Time will heal everything. Since we can’t change anything, we have to accept and get used to it.”


Source: HK Channel

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