Alex Fong breaks down in tears addressing his breakup

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Alex Fong and Stephy Tang left many in shock when they ended their 10 years’ relationship.

A few days go, Alex attended an event and held a press conference afterwards to address his breakup. Wearing a black suit, Alex appeared to be heavy-hearted, and even broke down into tears twice.

Alex said, “Actually, Stephy and I started our relationship underground. It was only after a long time that someone took photos of us, that we decided to go public with our relationship. Since we started our relationship low-key, we initially wished to remain low-key about our breakup too, but we received many text messages from friends. We know that 10 years is a long time. Before announcing it, I kept holding my phone and look at the time. My hands were trembling so terribly.”

Alex and Stephy’s last collaborated in Patrick Kong’s film, Anniversary <紀念日>, and Alex disclosed that the duo already had problems before the film was released. They decided to put on hold their breakup, as they were worried that the public would think that they were creating publicity for the film.


A teary eyed Alex said, “We really cherished our relationship, hence, we decided to have a cooling period, and during this period, we often meet up to discuss about it. Sometimes, we talked until we cried. The last we spoke was at our 10 years anniversary, and shortly after, we broke up amicably.”

“The breakup has nothing to do with marriage or third party. It was something that we could not solved.”

Alex also admitted that they were affected after filming Anniversary. The film centers the 10th year anniversary of a married couple, who goes through ups and downs in their long relationship.

Asked if there was any chance for them to get back, Alex said, “We can’t predict what will happen in the future.”


Source: Oriental Daily

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