Andy Lau ordered to pay NT$2.67 million for damaging helicopter during a stunt

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A Taiwan court ordered Andy Lau to compensate NT$2.67 million for damaging a Daily Air’s helicopter during a film stunt.

While filming The Island of Greed <情義之西西里島> in 1997, Andy accidentally kicked the pitch lever in the cockpit when attempting to jump out from the helicopter. As a result, the aircraft became shaky and caused the rotor blade to hit the lighting equipment.

In 2008, the district court ordered Andy to pay NT$5.1 million. The amount was increased to NT$6.69 million in 2009 by the high court.

After four rounds of trials, the higher court issues a final verdict for Andy to pay NT$2.67 million.

Andy’s agency in Taiwan was disappointed with the verdict. A spokesperson said, “It’s disappointing and unreasonable. The helicopter and pilot was arranged by the airline. The film company should be held responsible. It’s not logical for Andy to pay. We will not ask a single cent from him. He’s just an actor.”

The film distributor also confirmed that Andy would not be required to fork out the compensation.

A spokesperson from Daily Air responded, “Actually, we have lost the lawsuit. The case was dragged on for more than ten years. The court said we are responsible for 60% of the compensation. They are only responsible for 40%. There’s nothing we can do. We will just close the case.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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