Andy Lau to return filming for TVB series

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Many fans may still remember Andy Lau’s (刘德华) most memorable role, “Yang Guo” in TVB series, “Return of the Condor Heroes” <神雕侠侣>. After leaving the television circle for 24 years, heavenly king Andy will be returning to TVB, under the invitation of Eric Tsang (曾志伟).

It is said that Andy is a secret weapon of TVB to ace the series’ ratings when the television battle starts next year, where broadcasting license will be issued to new television station.

Charging an extravagant fee for movies, Andy is least concerned on his salary. Disclosing that Andy will be responsible for the script planning, Eric said, “Andy said that we needed to discuss the script first and talked about the meaning of filming the series. When we have determined the meaning, it will then be successful.”

The highly anticipated series is expected to be 30 to 40 episodes and earliest filming date is next year after the script is finalised.

In addition, Eric also plans to invite Chow Yun Fat (周润发), who has focused his acting career in Hollywood. “I feel that if I can move one person, I can move more people. I believe Fat Gor will be willing to return home to help. We will take it slowly. I hope Andy will be a good motivator.”


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