Angela Tong confirms she is 3 months’ pregnant

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Earlier, Angela Tong was said to be pregnant, but she and her husband Chin Ka Lok did not confirm the news until recently.

During a programme, the couple’s good friend Jordan Chan disclosed that Angela is about 3 months pregnant. Angela finally confirmed her pregnancy after Jordan had leaked out the news.

Angela shared that she had a hard time keeping her pregnancy from the media. She joked that she would ask Jordan for a treat.

“I will eat till he is broke! My appetite has increased so much. I just ate 3 pizzas!”

Angela and Ka Lok welcomed their first baby girl Alyssa two years ago. When asked if the couple would like to have a boy this time, Angela said, “It doesn’t matter. I just want to give a companion to my daughter.”

When asked if her daughter is excited about having a sibling soon, Angela said, “I pointed to her that there is a baby inside. She immediately kissed my tummy.”

As Angela did not want to know the gender of her baby, she has instructed her doctor not to tell her.


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