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Two days ago, the cast of Queen Divas <新抱喜相逢> gathered to watch the finale. Angela Tong, who wore a tight-fitting red dress was spotted with a bulging tummy and was suspected to be pregnant.

During the meal, Evergreen Mak even teased Angela and asked if she was pregnant.

Angela, who had her first baby last year, responded, “Maybe I am fatter! (Are you expecting?) I don’t know!”

When asked if congratulations should be offered to her after two months, Angela said, “My daughter’s birthday is in March. I will be happy to have a son.”

Angela expressed her dilemma to have a second baby. “I wish to try but I also want to act in drama. If there is a second baby, I have to reduce my workload. I will have to depend on my hubby for a living!”

Meanwhile, Angela’s hubby Chin Kar Lok denied that Angela is expecting. He said, “They are only playing around. If she is pregnant, we will announce!”


Source: Oriental Daily

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