Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming to hold wedding banquet on October 8

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Huang Xiaoming, 37 and Angelababy, 26 registered for marriage at Xiaoming’s hometown, Qingdao on May 27. 

According to Hong Kong media, the couple will hold their wedding banquet on October 8 at Shanghai Exhibition Centre. 200 tables will be hosted at the wedding.

The couple has been busy filming for the past few months. Xiaoming is currently busy filming Wong Kar-wai’s film, Monk Xuanzang <大 唐玄奘>, and Angelababy is now filming Hollywood film, Independence Day 2. 

Despite their busy schedule, the couple will make effort to discuss their wedding via the phone. Xiaoming will invite 1,500 friends and relatives, whereas Angelababy plans to invite 500 guests.

When asked on the wedding date, Angelababy’s manager said, “Please wait for our official announcement.”

Source: HK Channel

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