Angelababy dismisses breakup rumours

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Many fans have got a shock when breakup rumours of Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming surfaced.

Recently, a WeChat account user by the name of Baby posted a message that titled, “I don’t blame anyone for our breakup.”

The user wrote, “I and Xiaoming had been happy all these years, and also recognised each other as the right one. I’m not sure if it’s the distance or the time that drives us apart more and more…….. I don’t blame anyone for our separation.”

Fans can be relieved now that Angelababy has dismissed the rumours and said that the account was not hers. Angelababy immediately clarified on her Weibo, “Knock it off. Please follow my official WeChat account.”

Xiaoming’s fashion designer, Zhang Shuai also assured the fans on the Weibo, “They are doing well. Do not worry.”

Meanwhile, a netizen also claimed that Xiaoming and Angelababy had already registered for marriage. Another netizen also said that the couple are currently planning for their wedding at end of this year.

Source: Sina

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