Angelababy hopes to have a baby monkey

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Angelababy was in Hong Kong recently for a Chinese New Year event.

At the event, a little boy and girl went up stage and presented gifts to her. Thereafter, two babies also appeared on stage. Upon seeing the babies, Angelababy was so excited and even carried one of the babies.

When asked what was the happiest occasion for her in the goat’s year, Angelababy said, “Of course it is my wedding. I finally completed it. Yeah! I don’t have to worry about being left on shelf because there are many women with good qualities are not able to find their other half. However, I am still working hard to earn money.”

Any baby plans in the monkey year?

“Of course, I hope to have a baby monkey. Hopefully, I will have a boy and a girl.”

Angelababy also denied that she was withdrawing from Running Man 4 <跑男4> due to pregnancy. She said, “There is no good news yet. Anyway, I hope to have good news this year or next year. We have known each other for a long time, so we also wish to have a baby.”

Earlier, Huang Xiaoming expressed that he hoped to have 4 kids. Angelababy laughed and said, “His mother wants 6. For me, 2 or 3 will be fine. Boy or girl doesn’t matter.”




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