Angelababy meets her future in-laws

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Celebrity couple, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy were spotted dating openly in Hong Kong recently. Tagging along with the couple were Xiaoming’s parents as well.

Last year, Xiaoming also brought his parents for a vacation in Hong Kong during the mid-autumn festival. As Angelababy was busy promoting for her movie Tai Chi 0 <太极>, she missed the opportunity to meet up with her future parents-in-laws.

This time, Angelababy finally had the chance to play host to her in-laws. For the whole journey, Angelababy took extra care of Xiaoming’s parents and walked alongside with the elderly. After dining with them, she dropped Xiaoming’s parents back to the hotel. Xiaoming was then spotted returning with Angelababy to her home for the night.

The couple has been dating for almost four years and was recently rumoured to have broken off. It looks like the rumours have not affected the couple and has brought them closer.

Turning into 36 soon, Xiaoming has expressed earlier that he would tie the knot before the age of 40. With his relationship going stable with Angelababy, marriage could be on the cards for them soon.

Responding on the news, Xiaoming’s manager said, “We are not convenient to respond on our artiste’s private matters.”

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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