Angelababy responds on boyfriend’s clubbing news: “I am night club!”

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Huang Xiaoming was recently photographed with a group of women in a nightclub, and his girlfriend, Angelababy was nowhere to be seen in the picture.

Appearing to enjoy the company of the ladies, many speculations arose if Xiaoming was cheating on Angelababy.

Seeing that the rumours have surfaced, the couple decided to dispel the speculations by proving that their relationship is still going strong.

Xiaoming first wrote on his Weibo, “I am Huang Xiaoming.”

Angelababy subsequently responded, “I am night club.”

When netizens pieced their sentences together, it becomes, “Huang Xiaoming loves night club.”

It turns out that Xiaoming was just having a gathering with his artistes friends, and they included Chinese actresses, Fang An Na, Liu Yun, Su Hong, etc. The group was just celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Source: Apple Daily

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