Angelababy scolded by cat lovers for not neutering her Scottish Fold cat

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During an interview recently, Angelababy revealed that her cat had given birth to three kittens, and shared her views on pet neutering.

The 27-year-old model-actress said, “Many vets advise owners to neuter their pets, but I feel that they have a whole life, and they don’t have to work or do anything. We are depriving their rights. Of course, vets advise neutering due to health issues and to prolong their lives, but if you think about it. If a man wishes to live till 100 but he loses his right and he can only eat untasty food, there is no meaning in his life.”

Angelababy’s words have drawn criticisms from cat-lovers who pointed that her Scottish Fold cat has genetic abnormality that affects cartilage and bone development throughout the body. The cat will develop severe painful joint disease as it ages. The breed may also suffer from respiratory disease. Hence, many cat lovers have advised Scottish Fold owners to neuter their cats.

Netizens have also left harsh remarks such as, “Brainless” and “Ignorance” on Angelababy’s social media. Netizens also remarked that as a public figure, Angelababy should not convey the wrong information to the public.


Source: Sina, HK Channel

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