Angelica Lee forgives cheating husband, but says “future is uncertain”

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Hong Kong director Oxide Pang was caught cheating behind his wife, Angelica Lee after kissing photo of him with a young model, Liddy Li was snapped by paparazzi. 

After his cheating scandal surfaced, Oxide reportedly flew to Malaysia to seek forgiveness from Angelica. Angelica is said to be crying over her husband’s infidelity, and refused to listen to his explanation. Rumours also surface if Angelica is planning for a divorce.

Angelica’s father, through a Malaysian media interview, expressed his anger over his son-in-law’s cheating scandal. The 66-year-old said, “I do not know anything, but it’s natural for a father to protect his daughter. If he really lets my daughter down, I will teach him a lesson.”

This afternoon, Angelica and Oxide issued a joint statement together via their respective Weibo. In the statement, Angelica appeared to have forgiven her husband, but said that their future was still uncertain.

The joint statement said, “A 12-year relationship can’t be said clearly in a few words. We have finally learnt to understand that a marriage is not a reunion of a prince and princess, and that we can all live happily ever after. We have to sit down and face the right and wrong, happiness and sorrow, the past and future.”

“Yes, we are definitely very sad now. We are sad because there is love. If there is no love, things will be easy to settle. We are just like any other couples, who have to face the setbacks and tests in marriage.”


“We are very sorry that we cause worries and anger to the people who love us. Thank you for giving us the space and concern. We will face this together. The future is uncertain, but we will listen calmly to what our hearts want. Time will give us the answer.”

Reactions from netizens are mixed. Some have supported Angelica for staying through the marriage, while others are angry and continue to slam Oxide.

At the same night, Oxide posted an apologetic statement on his Weibo.

“In today’s statement, everyone could not find the three words ‘I am sorry’, and think that I still do not know my mistake. You have to understand, what’s so difficult about writing the three words? I feel that my mistake can’t be forgiven just by saying ‘I am sorry’. This is because I am totally at fault.”

“My mistake has totally hurt someone who has given a lot for me, and also caused disappointment to people who love her. I accept all the criticisms because my mistake is not worth forgiven. Even I can’t forgive myself. I am sorry.”

Source: HK Channel, Apple Daily 

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