Angelica Lee’s father warns Oxide Pang not to cheat the third time again

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Angelica Lee was speculated to have committed suicide after she was seen in distress at a hospital recently. The Malaysian actress was rumoured to be depressed over her husband, Oxide Pang’s extramarital affair.  

In a recent interview, Angelica’s father dismissed the rumours and said that Angelica was just seeking treatment for her gastric problems. Mr Lee also shared that he had harshly reprimanded Oxide for his affair.

“I told Oxide that he is almost 50 soon. He had strayed once and had told me before that there won’t be a second time. Now that there is a second time, I warned him not to commit it the third time again. He has promised me, and I have forgiven him. Angelica has also forgiven him,” said Mr Lee.

Mr Lee also sympathised with Oxide’s mistress, Liddy Li, after news surfaced that her father, Li Tak-yan was the gunman who recently shot himself dead after killing his neighbour. Rumour said that Li was provoked into the killing after hearing about his neighbour’s gossips on his daughter.

Angelica’s father said that Liddy’s background was quite pitiful, and that she could have become a third party due to her broken family.

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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