Anita thanks TVB for Chilam’s TV King loss

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Anita Yuen recently made a bet with her husband, Chilam Cheung that if he lost the TV King award, he had to buy a diamond for her. As Chilam lost the TV King title to Dayo Wong, he has to fulfill his promise to his wife.

Chilam presented a six-figure diamond bracelet to Anita at a restaurant. Although Chilam has lost the award, he seems to be in a good mood and praised Anita, “You are good! You have foresight!”

Anita replied him, “I can be a senior executive! I understand how this game works after staying in this business for so long!”

Subsequently, Anita also flaunted her diamond bracelet on her Weibo. She wrote, “Thank you TVB! Thank you Tommy, Ms Tseng, Ms Lok, Sandy and 807 professional judges. Without your sacred votes, this diamond bracelet will never end up on my hand! Yeah!!!”

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Source: Oriental Daily 

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