Anita Yuen fires back at netizens

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Anita Yuen and her husband, Chilam Cheung made a bet if the latter would win the TV King award at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards. As Chilam has lost the award, he bought a HK$500,000 diamond bracelet for Anita.

Flaunting her diamond bracelet on her Weibo, Anita wrote, “Thank you TVB! Thank you Tommy, Ms Tseng, Ms Lok, Sandy 807 professional judges. Without your sacred votes, this diamond bracelet will never end up on my hand! Yeah!”

Some netizens have flooded Anita’s Weibo and criticised her for being sarcastic over Chilam’s TV King loss. Some also remarked that Chilam was sour and ungracious about his loss.

Unable to tolerate the negative remarks, Anita fired back and wrote, “Is it sour? It’s only from your perspective. I thank them from my heart for letting me win the bracelet!”

“If you can air your opinions, why can’t public figures do the same too? If you don’t understand, don’t come here!”

Anita even rebuked the netizens, “Are you sick? Are you here to find trouble?”

“If you don’t understand my meaning, I don’t blame you. 88!”

Chilam, on the other hand, was more composed. He uploaded two photos on blue sky and wrote, “It’s a beautiful day! What a wonderful world.”

Source: Ming Pao, Sina 

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