Anita Yuen to sue Chinese scammer for misusing her name

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Recently, a group of mainland farmers protested on the streets and accused Hong Kong actresses Anita Yuen and Rosamund Kwan of cheating their hard-earned money.

Responding on the accusation towards her, Anita clarified that her name and images were misused. She said that a year ago, she was approached by someone to establish a fashion label together. Although she was interested in the business, the deal fell through and she stopped corresponding with the other party.

Shortly after, a friend informed Anita that someone had used Rosamund’s and her name to open a fashion chain in China. Anita initially planned to take legal action against the other party, but decided to stop pursuing the case after the person begged her that the money was needed to treat a sick family member.

Anita did not expect that the case would escalate and the scammer continued to open more chain stores.

Anita blasted the scammer angrily and said, “I am so angry that they can even cheat farmers’ hard-earned money. My name was misused and I will pursue the matter to the end. I can’t understand why someone can disregard the laws and human rights, and go around conning people. This will never happen in Hong Kong!”

Source: Oriental Daily  

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