Another Avis Chan’s bed photo surfaces

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Avis Chan was reported to have cheated on his 6-year girlfriend, Chrissie Chau and caused the latter to break off with him. A photo of Avis and 19-year-old model, Vivian Law sleeping next to each other was published. However, Vivian has clarified yesterday that the photo was taken by a friend when she was drunk and she had no relationship with Avis. 

While the scandal with Vivian has not faded off, there is another intimate photo of Avis and Mia Chan circulating on the web! In that photo, Mia was lying on a topless Avis with her eyes half closed.

Avis was already rumoured with hot single mother, Mia when they both filmed Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜爱夜蒲2> last year. Yesterday afternoon, Mia panicking said that she had lost her iPhone 5 on a taxi and would even handsomely reward to anyone who found her phone.

“My black iPhone 5 was likely left on a taxi. I have some valuable photos in the phone which includes some private and working photos. I am really worried. I hope that the taxi driver can return it to me. If any good-hearted person returns to me, I will reward him with HK$50,000!”


Yesterday evening, Mia was asked about her intimate photo with Avis. Mia replied anxiously, “I lost my phone but I can’t remember what photos are inside. I just hope that somebody can return the phone to me quickly”.

After missing for three days on a diving trip, Avis finally returned to his hair salon. Asked why he had gone diving, Avis said, “I am moody. After all, it is a 6-year relationship. I am really very unhappy!”

Asked if it was because of third party, Avis replied, “I do not wish to talk about it. Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with any third party. It is because there is a change in our feelings, hence we broke up”.

Avis also emphasised that he had no relationships with Vivian and Mia. Responding on his photo with Vivian, Avis implied that it could be a deliberate publicity. “I can’t help it on how they are going to publicise. We do not have any contact at all. I can only say that I am not careful!”

Asked if he was afraid that more photos would be exposed since Mia lost her phone, Avis replied uneasily, “I am not worried. I…. I and she only have contact at work. We do not contact in private. Anyway, there isn’t any photo. It has nothing to do with me!”

Source: orientaldaily

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