Anthony Wong blasts reality diving shows

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d290514Recently, China’s reality diving programmes, Celebrity Splash! <中國星跳躍> and Stars in Danger: High Diving caused a stir when celebrities were invited to participate in the competition.

Celebrities who participate will get a crash course from the diving professionals before taking the plunge from the diving board.

Many celebrities such as Charlene Choi, Han Geng and Rain Li have all sustained injuries after participating in the programme. The most unfortunate news came when Peng Jiaxuan, assistant to Chinese actor and martial artist, Shi Xiaolong was drowned in a pool during a training session.

The death on the reality show has sparked harsh criticisms for risking the celebrities’ lives in return for TV ratings.

In view of the recent death at the diving show, Anthony Wong blasted the programme and wrote on his Weibo, “Something has finally happened at the diving programme which plays with life. Did they ever thought about it properly? They might as well suggest that the celebrities jump down from a building to boost the ratings.”

Accepting an interview yesterday, Anthony said that he did not intentionally interfere with the production of the programme. He felt that the reality diving show was very dangerous and put the celebrities in danger.

“Now that somebody has died, it goes to show that the safety measures are not sufficient,” said the 51-year-old actor.

Known for his blunt character, Anthony added, “They might as well lay some air cushions on the ground and asked the celebrities to jump from a 10-floor building. The ratings will even be higher! If anyone can just dive after training for two weeks, why did Tian Liang (former Chinese diver) have to go through years of training?


Anthony also revealed that he was invited to take part in the diving programme as well, but his assistant had rejected for him.

“I am not targeting at China or the programme. I am just expressing my thoughts and feel that Hong Kong programmes should take this as a lesson.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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