Anthony Wong challenges Show Luo’s fans

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The ugly spat between Anthony Wong and Show Luo’s fans continue.

At Show’s recent concert, Alan Tam volunteered to be the peacemaker between Show and Anthony. However, his gesture was turned down by Anthony who blasted Alan for being “too nosy”. 

Anthony had also declined to respond on the matter and asked the media not to harp on it anymore. However, Show’s fans continued to blast the veteran actor’s Weibo. Anthony had no choice but to disable the comments at his Weibo.

Closing down his Weibo comments, Anthony wrote, “Because I was harassed long-term by a retarded community, my Weibo will temporary stop accepting comments. I hereby wish all my normal friends a happy lunar new year”.

However, Show’s fans continued to seek ways to attack Anthony online, in which their actions infuriated him. The angry actor was furious and challenged the netizens. He wrote, “For those who threatened me, I will be in Beijing next week. If you have guts, please come. If not, you are a bunch of xxx. You people are only good at paying lip service!”

Source: mingpao 

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