Anthony Wong on getting along with wife: “Know when to shut up”

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Recently, Anthony Wong attended the press conference of his musical show, Le Dieu Du Carnage <狂揪夫妻>.

When asked how he got along with his wife, Anthony smiled and said, “We get along well. A man has to know when to shut up.”

Anthony said, “When you keep quiet, you won’t have any quarrel. If you speak, then you will have (quarrel). If there is anything, you just turn on the volume of the TV.”

Anthony is the hot favourite to win the TV King award this year at the 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards. When asked if he was confident, Anthony said, “I didn’t think of it. Of course, they have to give to their biological sons, like Wayne Lai and Damian Lau.”

Anthony also cast his vote on Liza Wang to win the TV Queen award.

“Of course you have to give it to her. Who dares to take the award right in front of the big sister!”

Source: Apple Daily,

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